7 Ideas for Making Spring Break Quarantincation a Blast


Spring Break is next week for our school and many surrounding counties. Normally this is one of my favorite weeks of the year. For years, we have headed down to the Gulf to camp on the beach. It’s idyllic.

This year? Well, let’s just say not much in life right now would warrant the term idyllic, would it?

However, my family, much like yours, I’m sure, has more reason than ever to seize a week off and make some great family memories. I’m incredibly proud of how hard my kids have worked each and every day of virtual learning. Work hasn’t let up for my husband or me either, so we are both very much looking forward to taking time off and just enjoying some simple pleasures.

But what are simple pleasures when you’re stuck safe at home? I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and here are some ideas I’ve come up with for my crew. I thought I’d share them in case they help anyone else. I’d love to hear your ideas too! Together we can make this a glass-half-full Spring Break!

1. Backyard camping

This is where it all began for our family anyway! Before we took the girls out to the woods, we first took them to the backyard. It’s time to revisit that first trip, complete with grilling out, roasting s’mores and games by the campfire. Bonus: Showers and bathrooms readily available

Don’t have a tent? “Camp out” in your living room! String some lights for ambience (Confession: our white lights from Christmas are STILL up and will be until this mess is all over), and fall asleep in front of your favorite movies.

2. Inflatable pool

Once again, this is returning to our roots. We’re lucky enough to have a lovely neighborhood pool, but when the girls were younger, we often found it easier and more relaxing for us to just set up an inflatable pool in the backyard. We’re bringing it back! Don’t have a pool? Hook up the sprinkler and let your kids run up your water bill! 😉

3. Games, games and more games!

Target currently is offering a buy 2, get 1 free promotion on board games (and video games, if that’s more your style). We’ve also had puzzles going on since this isolation season began, so we’ll keep working on those!

4. Baking

This one assumes you’ve had more luck finding flour than I have! If we can’t find it before next week, we’ll have to get more creative… but currently we plan on making some Easter treats, including spring-colored Rice Krispies treats and egg-shaped cake pops! We also hope to try our hand at making homemade soft pretzels, and I will also likely bake some banana bread to enjoy for breakfast while we’re camping. Baking is something I don’t do very much anymore except the holidays, so I think it will make the week seem more festive!

5. Disney+, Netflix, etc.
We are personally going to try to take a big break from individual screens. But we plan on indulging in lots of fun family movies and shows! Now is a great time to introduce your kids to an epic series like Star Wars, or binge a season of Master Chef Junior on Hulu. Pop some popcorn or use a muffin tin to fill with snacks to last through your family binge session.

6. A family home improvement project

This assumes your kids are old enough to actually help out, of course. We have had “paint the dining room” on our list for quite some time, and we’re going to make it happen over Spring Break! We purchased the paint before things closed down so much, but you can still order supplies online!

7. Unplanned time

This might be the most important one to me. Our kids have reached the stage of having multiple commitments, and our schedule tends to be go, go, go… we love it, but we also all need a break from it. Well, this virus has given us that break, so we aim to enjoy it. While we will enjoy some planned activities as a family, we also will just sit around and be silly, let the girls continue to make an elaborate fort out of boxes, read lots and lots of books, and generally just be lazy without any guilt.


What do you have planned – or not planned – for Spring Break? Whatever it is, I hope it is the respite your family needs!


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