There’s more: Getting off the sidelines and onto the slides

“Are you going to do it, mommy?”

“No, sweetie. I’m not really dressed to go sledding.”


Then I remembered. I am doing two separate studies right now. One is about replacing stress and anxiety with positive rhythms in your life. The other is about achieving higher creativity. Guess what each of these very different studies, yet both grounded in spiritual truths, have revealed is lacking in my life?


I know that may seem odd if you see my social media feeds. Our family knows how to have fun. We camp, we travel, we go to movies, we go to concerts, we see musicals, we’re IN musicals…

But when I look back at so many of the things we do, I’ve realized that more often than not, I am on the sidelines, watching my people have fun. I do truly love seeing them laughing and having the time of their lives. As a parent, there’s really nothing better than seeing your kid living their best life and having a great time doing it.


Maybe there’s more. Maybe there’s jumping in the ring with them.

Maybe instead of holding the bags, there’s getting on the coaster and throwing your hands up.

Maybe there’s dancing yourself silly instead of Instagramming everyone else.

Maybe there’s closing the computer and having an afternoon jump session on the trampoline.

Maybe there’s getting out from the umbrella and into the waves.

Maybe there’s getting on the sled, whether you’re wearing the right clothes or not.

Maybe there’s more.

And so, I stopped taking photos and videos for a few minutes (and let the previously-disappointed-in-me daughter take them instead), and I played. Not for long, because, well I’m 40 and my back hurt.


But, danggit, I played.  And I remembered why it’s more fun to play than to just watch people play.

And as I heard my girls cackling as I slammed into their daddy at the bottom of the hill and he fell on top of me, I remembered that it’s more fun for all of us when I play.

Yes, maybe there’s more.

Let’s play.

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