40 x 40


“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

Today I turned, gulp, 39. If there’s one thing the last almost four decades of life have shown me, it’s that without direction, I flounder. No plan equals no progress. And I have some big goals for the last year of my thirties, so it’s time for a big plan.

The biggest goal is health-related. I’ve been working on my health all of my adult life, and while that will always be the case, it’s time to hit my goal this year and get to a healthy, sustainable weight. That means 40 more pounds need to vacate my body. I can absolutely do that in one year, so 40 lbs gone by the time I’m 40 is Goal #1.

Now the scarier part. For each month of the next year, I’ve chosen something that either 1) challenges me, 2) scares me, or 3) is on my “bucket list.” Many of them will support my overarching goal of 40 X 40, but all of them will support my quest to become a truer, kinder, braver and stronger human being. Some will hopefully help me become a better wife, mother and friend. And some will just be fun, because I think life SHOULD be fun.

I’m going to blog the next year, but I’ve also started a new Instagram account where I’ll be sharing as the year progresses (fortybyfortygoals). Some of these things may only be scary or challenging to me, and some are quite personal and will require some major vulnerability to share, but I’m going to do my best to be open with the good and the bad for anyone who wants to follow along. Because if there’s one OTHER thing the last almost four decades of life has shown me, it’s that the journey is infinitely more enjoyable and rewarding when I share it with friends.

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